Bird of prey spotted in Hackney town centre

A magnificent bird of prey, thought to be a golden eagle by an onlooker, visited Hackney town centre yesterday (August 15).

The bird, spotted in Amhurst Road at around 3pm, was “probably a red kite”, according to an RSPB spokesman.

Amazed resident Grazyna-Maria Edwards contacted the Gazette after she saw the “enormous golden brown bird” under the viaduct over Amhurst Road.

She said: “I was coming out of my house and I saw a crowd of people at the bridge. My heart jumped because in the past someone has been stabbed there. I thought something was happening so I hurried forward.

“I saw this enormous bird crouching down with its wings spread out like umbrellas on both sides.

“Its beak was bloody and it was eating a pigeon I think. It was enormous; it was as big as my knee.

“I stayed there for quite a while. Some people were trying to scare it away and saying ‘shoo’ but I said ‘it’s a protected bird, leave it’.”

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Ms Edwards believed the bird was a golden eagle after checking it in her bird book.

She added: “It was such a privilege to witness it. I have got absolutely no idea how it got there.”

But RSPB spokesman Tim Webb said it was “highly unlikely” that it was a golden eagle, a bird usually found only in mountainous regions in northern England and Scotland.

He suggested that the bird was a red kite, which can have a wing span of up to 1.75m, only slightly less than the golden eagle’s 2.3m span.

Mr Webb said: “There is the very small possibility it was a domestic one that has escaped but if it was a bird living wild it’s more likely to have been a red kite.

“There have been sighting of red kites in Hackney before and they do hang around in the area. Particularly if it was under a viaduct it wouldn’t have looked so red.”

He advises members of the public to leave birds of prey alone if they encounter them.

“It’s a wild bird but they don’t normally attack people or animals. Particularly if it’s eating, it’s probably better to stay away but marvel at it too.”

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