Bond growing between Spurs’ Brazilian boys

Tottenham keeper Heurelho Gomes admits that he has an important role to play as his countryman Sandro continues to find his feet in England and adapt to his new life at Tottenham.

JOURNALISTS who hung around for interviews after the clash with Everton were treated to a delightful performance from Spurs’ new Brazilian double act on Saturday.

Heurelho Gomes and new boy Sandro emerged together and, when Tottenham’s midfield signing was asked if he spoke any English, Gomes laughed and wagged his finger.

However the affable Spurs keeper offered to act as a translator, and proceeded to decipher Sandro’s Portuguese for the press.

Hilarity ensued as Gomes was quickly forced to interrupt his compatriot’s first lengthy answer, as the Spurs stopper struggled to remember the start of the reply.

Meanwhile, Sandro held a water bottle to the goalkeeper’s mouth to mimmick the surrounding members of the media and their dictaphones.

The purpose of this anecdote? Firstly to provide a brief insight into the personality of these players, underneath their shirts, and secondly to highlight the bond which has quickly grown between them.

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There is no doubt that 21-year-old Sandro needs support off the field as he comes to term with a new country, language and culture – and in Gomes he has the perfect man.

The goalkeeper said: “Harry didn’t ask me to look after him, but I know that is my job because it’s difficult to come from another country, and life in England is difficult to adapt to. I know what it’s like here and that’s why I feel it’s important for me to help.”

And what about Sandro himself, who made his debut in the Carling Cup against Arsenal and has now played two halves in the Premier League against Fulham and then Everton?

“I felt alright on the pitch. It’s difficult to come on at half-time in a game like that [against Everton], but it’s alright,” said Sandro via Gomes.

“It gives you confidence to play, and I tried to do my best and give my best on the pitch for the team.

“The fans will see me at my best when I come to play regularly, because it’s difficult to play one half. I need time to adapt as well. This game is high-paced and that’s difficult for me, but I’m fine with it.

“I’m trying to work hard every day to prove my best in training sessions, and when I come on to play a game I try to do my best for the group, and to try to impress Harry and the fans.”