Travelling multicultural book carnival comes to Hackney

BookLove is a multicultural travelling book carnival.

BookLove is a multicultural travelling book carnival. - Credit: BookLove

A multicultural travelling book carnival will be in Hackney this weekend, celebrating and promoting books about people of colour, diverse histories and culture. 

BookLove will be selling its inclusive range of books at Bohemia Market in Bohemia Place in Hackney.

Founder of BookLove, Samantha Williams, said: "We are bringing multicultural books to life and to the people. 

"For every book sold we are donating 20p to our GoFundMe which is putting free inclusive and Black and multicultural books into schools and educational settings. 

"We are also working really hard to raise awareness about the importance of more cultural representation in education."

Samantha Williams, founder of BookLove. 

Samantha Williams, founder of BookLove. - Credit: BookLove

The BookLove carnival will be at Bohemia Place on April 23-24, from 6pm to 10pm and on April 25 from 11am to 6pm. 

To learn more or support BookLove travelling book carnival visit

The BookLove carnival will be at Hackney's Bohemia Market this weekend. 

The BookLove carnival will be at Hackney's Bohemia Market this weekend. - Credit: BookLove

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