Boutique hotel will be first part of new Shoreditch Village to open its doors

Shoreditch Village

Shoreditch Village - Credit: Archant

A branch of an international boutique hotel group will be the first part of a retail, restaurant and business complex in Shoreditch to be completed.

Boutique chain CitizenM are expected to build a 10-storey 211-room hotel in a derelict brownfield site bordered by King John Street, Holywell Lane, New Inn Yard, as part of the Shoreditch Village development.

The development will see the brownfield site off Shoreditch High Street transformed into a 150,000 sq feet development featuring a market, restaurants, homes and offices. No date has been set for overall completion of the site which was approved in August.

Plans to increase the size of the hotel from nine to ten stories were approved at a planning committee meeting last Wednesday (February 5).

The hotel is expected to open early next year. It will be the sixth hotel to open its doors in Shoreditch and will follow in the footsteps of other boutique hotels such as The Hoxton Hotel in Great Eastern Street, Ace Hotel in Shoreditch High Street and Boundary Hotel in Boundary Street.

Jonathan Ellis Miller, managing partner of Ellis Miller architect firm in Poole Street, Hoxton, said: “The west side of the site is going to be the first to come through. As well as the hotel, which we expect to be finished this time next year, there will be a bit of retail on the ground floor and an apartment block. The rest of the site on the east side will come through after that. The east side completion dates have not been confirmed.”

Local business and conservation groups welcomed the news.

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Andrew Thistleton, chairman of the Shoreditch Conservation Area Advisory Committee, said: “Conservation for us is not just about protecting the historical land.

“Shoreditch has changed as an area over the last 20 years. There’s an overall master plan for the area where CitizenM is being built. It’s a blighted site which does not add anything to the area other than it’s useful for people parking cars. We are pleased to see the overall master plan being implemented.

“At some point in the future we might feel there are too many hotels in Shoreditch, but not at the moment.”

Meanwhile Benjamin Davies, founder of the In Shoreditch business network, said: “We are always pleased when a new business opens in the area and look forward to seeing the scheme designed by local architects Ellis Miller. There are a number of great hotels locally and this adds to the choice available.”

Robin Chadha, co-founder of CitizenM, said: “Shoreditch Village is one of the capital’s most exciting developments and CitizenM is delighted to be a part of it. We are looking forward to welcoming the local Shoreditch community to the hotel when we open next year.”