Bradley Wiggins lookalike rabbits dumped at Hackney Vets

Bunnies bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Olympic cycling champion Bradley Wiggins were dumped at a Hackney vets, and staff are now desperately trying to find the animals a new home.

The five rabbits were left at the Hackney branch of the Goddard Veterinary Group on July 31, and staff couldn’t resist naming the two males “Bradley” and “Wiggins” after noticing the bunnies were sporting shaggy sideburns similar to those worn by the Tour de France winner.

The boys’ sisters, who are aged about four months, Maisie and Dandelion were also abandoned at the practice in Well Street, along with eight-month-old mummy rabbit Vicki.

Head veterinary nurse Janice Godfrey said: “We have our very own Team GB here - but in our case ‘GB’ stands for ‘Gorgeous Bunnies’. T

“They are beautiful animals and the sideburns on the boys give them a distinguished air.

“They’re not interested in gold medals – a loving new home is what they need.”

The rabbits were all treated for a mite infection, but have now been given a clean bill of help.

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Anyone interested in adopting the rabbits should call the vets on 0208 986 3918.