Broadway Market traders call for more parking

Dominique Ait-el-Manceur

Dominique Ait-el-Manceur - Credit: Archant

Market traders that drive to Broadway Market on a Saturday have called for more parking provisions to be made for them.

Though there is no parking restriction on the weekends, traders say the increasing number of people with stalls has made loading and unloading stock difficult.

They also blame buses for adding to traffic jams.

Crepe stall owner Dominique Ait-el-Manceur, 45, said: “As a market trader we are being put under pressure as we don’t have the parking facilities. It has been nearly nine years since I have been trading at Broadway Market and it has gotten worse.”

Mr Ait-el-Mancuer’s difficulties hit a peak when his van was towed after he parked in Brougham Road, a double yellow lined area, out of desperation.

He claimed the road used to be a single yellow line zone but the council said they have not made any changes to the parking restrictions years.

A spokesman said: “Hackney Council has not made any changes to the parking restrictions in this area for a number of years. Parking restrictions are also only in place from Monday to Friday, not during the opening hours of the nearby Broadway Market which operates during the weekend.

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“Double yellow lines are put in place for safety reasons and where there are access points. As with all parking restrictions across the borough, enforcement action is taken if they are not observed.”

Trader Jasmine Kershaw said: “When we first started four years ago, there were no issues at all. We started in the school yard then moved out here two years ago.

“It’s wonderful that the market is so busy, that adds to the vibrancy; however the more stalls they have the harder it is to find somewhere to park.

“The buses add to the traffic jams; I don’t know if it would be possible to divert them, I think it would solve the problem.”

Kat Wight, who also has a stall at the market, added: “The parking has gotten worse over the past few years - it can be a bit like Piccadilly Circus. You have to get here early to load and unload, and leave later as at peak times it can be difficult.”

Mr Ait-el-Manceur added: “The market puts so much value on the area and it provides such a great atmosphere for the community.

“We feel like we’ve been let down in a way as we aren’t being provided with the right facilities. It is taking more and more time to be able to do my job without issues and this takes valuable time away from the stall which I should be running.”

He added: “We have people that are in charge but it looks like they aren’t doing anything about it which is sad for the service we are providing.”

Broadway Market runs on Saturdays from 7am to 7pm.