Home and lifestyle shop to open, with range from Paloma Faith

Piper and Kate Revere are opening Revere the Residence in Stoke Newington.

Kate Revere (right) with Beth, on work experience.  - Credit: Piper and Kate Revere

A homeware and lifestyle shop that specialises in items from local, independent makers has opened in Stoke Newington.  

Revere the Residence has a strong focus on employment and work experience for disabled young adults and parents of disabled children.

The Church Street shop also stocks vintage items as well as pieces from elsewhere in the UK and abroad. It also has a range from Hackney-born singer Paloma Faith.

The Revere the Residence shop front. 

The Revere the Residence shop front. - Credit: Revere the Residence

Founder and owner Kate Revere said: “I’m a parent of a disabled child and my daughter Piper is the inspiration for the shop.

“She’s got autism and is unable to hear. My thoughts are when she leaves school where’s she going to go, what’s she going to do? She can’t read or write, but she’s creative and she’s got a lot to give.

“She likes little dolls houses, setting up scenes and doing it on that scale, and I’ve always done interiors on this scale. I’ve always thought we’d pull that together and have our shop. Piper and I could run this shop, but especially post-Covid there’s just so many other people we can open this out to.”

She added: “I’ve got two young adults with me. One’s autistic and one’s got hearing loss but they come in here when I’m not in the shop and they can run this on their own.

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“They’re amazing. And again, it’s just a confidence thing, they’ve done a couple of shifts with me believing in them and just saying “you can do this!”

Discussing parents of disabled children, Kate said: “I have lots of parents that come and who’ve never worked before and have no confidence. 

“They’ve been looking after their kids; they’ve got hospital appointments all the time. They just think “who’s going to employ me?” And all you need is a flexible boss and somebody to say “that’s fine, I get it!”

She’s adamant that there is a range of items for everybody. She added: “We’ve got the wall of everything for £10-40. And a gift for everyone, from your grandma to little kids, and little unique things you wouldn’t necessarily find so that’s what we’re all about.” 

Revere the Residence is open 10am-6pm Mondays to Saturdays and 10am-4pm on Sundays.

Kate’s email address is kate@reveretheresidence for employment and work experience enquiries, and her Instagram handle is @reveretheresidence.