Hackney entrepreneur aims to support young musical artists

Stoodio Club co-founder Ike Ihecherenoma

Stoodio Club co-founder Ike Ihecherenoma - Credit: Stoodio Club

A new Hackney recording studio company aims to “change the narrative of how creatives illustrate their crafts”.

Stoodio Club, at the Kreative Space, Mainyard, gives 24-hour to studios and offers mentoring services.

Co-founder Ike Ihecherenoma said: “Usually creatives will have a studio base but then are left to fend for themselves in terms of getting contracts, sponsorships, product placement etc.

"At Stoodio Club, we don't just provide access to creatives, we navigate them through the journey of becoming the best version of themselves, as we offer rewards for time spent in the studio."

Ike said he feels it is important to support people on their journey, rather than just renting out space.

“We felt like there was a gap in terms of organically giving creators a platform, and there wasn’t really a connection at grassroots level," he said.

“We have all gone through the challenges of the first and second lockdown. We have seen creatives left at a crossroad, as to whether to continue their passion or ditch their craft, to survive,” he added.

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Ike was born and raised in Dalston, and said the area means a lot to him. He wanted Stoodio Club to be Hackney based, so that it could help creatives in the community.

He said: “We know how creative and organic our borough is, and this is something we take huge pride in.”

“We want to inspire others who come from our background, people who have gone through the same challenges as us growing up, so they can look at us and say 'these guys have made something of themselves."

Stoodio Club has set up the Return to Greatness project to support women in the creative industry, including podcasters, radio presenters and songwriters.

Ike said: “Female creatives put in 10 times more work but don't get the recognition, which is something we want to tackle. We’ve drawn women in various creative industries together to build a community hub of female creators.

“They can meet like-minded people and have confidence to go ahead and hone in on their craft."

Stoodio Club's Hackney spaces are in Mare Street and details can be found at its website stoodioclub.com