Callous thieves who stole disabled man’s wheelchair in Stoke Newington still at large

Dom Hyams at the scene of the theft

Dom Hyams at the scene of the theft - Credit: Archant

A disabled man has said he was “shocked” when heartless thieves stole his specialised wheelchair in Stoke Newington yesterday (Wednesday) morning.

Dom Hyams' wheelchair

Dom Hyams' wheelchair - Credit: Archant

Dom Hyams’ desperate appeal for witnesses has gone viral on social media, with people donating thousands for a replacement.

Dom said: “It was extremely upsetting but the support since then has been amazing, truly heart-warming. People have donated £20,000 so far, which is really unbelievable. It shows there are good people as well as a few bad.”

But the thieves who stole the £15,000 wheelchair - which has been specifically tailored to Dom’s needs - have still not been caught.

Dom, 27, who was born with a rare form of Osteogenesis inperfecta (brittle bones), said: “The wheelchair is part of me so to lose it is shocking and upsetting.

“The thing is, the wheelchair I have lost actually stopped being manufactured, as of a month ago, and I know there is a likelihood we might not find it.

“If we don’t, I’ll have to get a different wheelchair but I really don’t know how much that will cost.

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“A company have offered to lend me a showroom chair that won’t be fitted to me, but maybe we can make it work, to at least offer me some mobility in the meantime.”

Dom visited a friend in Lordship Lane in 7:30am yesterday (Wednesday) morning and had left the wheelchair outside the house as there was no step-free access into the property.

He is asking for Hackney residents to come forward with any information.

He said: “I had to leave it at the bottom, like I have done a million times before. You don’t expect anyone could – let alone – would steal it. It is very heavy, about 135kg.

“The police told me they are closing the investigation so it’s going to be down to the people if it is found. It was stolen in daylight hours when people are on their way to work so someone must have seen something.

“The wheelchair is black, with Balder written down the side. It doesn’t have footrests – it has a plate I put my feet on very near the seat, which is the most distinguishing thing about it, and the lights are broken on the front.

“It is actually lower down than on the picture I’ve got on social media so it would appear smaller than that.”

Please contact Naomi Ackerman at if you know anything about the theft.

To donate, visit Dom’s fundraising page.