Campaigners ‘lovebomb’ Shoreditch’s gay hate posters

AN ANGRY group of citizens’ has been touring the streets of London’s East End today covering over anti-gay hate stickers with ‘messages of love.’

Actress Wendy Richardson turned up with friends and volunteers outside Shoreditch Town Hall near where she lives to deal with the hate campaign which has led to homophobic attacks against gays, lesbians and transgender people in the community.

They followed the trail of stickers on lamp-posts which declare, ‘Arise—gay free zone’ and warn that ‘Allah is severe in punishment.’

“We were so angry when these stickers appeared,” Wendy told the East London Advertiser today.

“So we are ‘lovebombing’ wherever they’ve been put up to make people feel safe.”

The ‘walk of protest’ took the volunteers to two pubs along the Hackney Road where there have been attacks on gays, then cut through to Brick Lane where more appeared on walls.

One volunteer, 26-year-old performance artist Daniel Lismore, arrived in a bright red Queen’s Guard tunic, red and silver McQueen scarf and silver shoes, his hair almost waist-length.

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At 6ft 4ins tall, he stands out in the crowd—and says he has been targetted whenever he leaves his home in Whitechapel because of his appearance and sexuality.

“I get attacked every day—stones thrown at me, even from passing cars,” he says. “I get threatened with knives and told I will be killed.”

Mr Lismore refuses to change his appearance and blend in.

“I dress in drag because I’m a performance artist and this is who I am,” he insists.

A friend of his was knifed recently, he revealed., another was beaten on the head which lead to a stroke.

The group now plan a walk through the East End every Friday.

Ms Richardson promised: “We’ll ‘lovebomb’ the East End as long as these hateful stickers appear.”

Tower Hamlets council’s Hate Crime team is working with police and warns it will prosecute those responsible.

Mayor Lutfur Rahman said in a statement earlier: “The East End has a proud history of challenging prejudice and promoting equality. Homophobic hate has no place here.”