Captain America filming surprises shoppers in Hackney

Comic-book blockbuster comes to Hackney

Shoppers, motorists and passersby on Mare Street in Hackney could be forgiven for thinking they’d travelled back in time this week.

As they’ve gone about their daily business, Hackney residents have been perplexed by people strolling across the street in 1940s-style clothes, including club singer outfits and smartly-pressed World War II uniforms.

It’s not a new fashion craze though; the legions of young men and women crossing from the Ocean music venue to the Hackney Empire, both in Mare Street, are all extras in superhero blockbuster Captain America: The First Avenger, starring Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones and Hugo Weaving.

Filming of the hotly anticipated comic-book adaptation began at the Empire on Wednesday and is scheduled to go on until tomorrow (September 17), with the Ocean being used as a catering area.

The Hackney Gazette team would like to see any fan-snaps of the ‘blast-from-the-past’ actors and the ‘Cap’ film crew; if you catch a glimpse on Mare Street, send your pictures or videos to