Car wars! Anger over ‘hellish’ parking plan in Clapton Pond

Residents of Fletching Road E5 are concerned that the new CPZ will see more cars parking in their ro

Residents of Fletching Road E5 are concerned that the new CPZ will see more cars parking in their road which is not included in the CPZ - Credit: Archant

Frustrated drivers have warned “parking hell” will descend on their streets if an unpopular scheme is rolled out in Clapton Pond.

On December 18, 13 roads in the area will be restricted to residents’ parking only. Six will not.

But car owners in those remaining streets say the area is already creaking under the weight of non-residents’ parking. They fear drivers displaced from other streets will instead flock to the few that remain free of restrictions.

The problem has arisen because the town hall is implementing the scheme in some streets but not others, based on how each one responded to the consultation.

Those who voted against parking controls didn’t expect their roads to be the only ones left for public parking, and say they would have voted differently had they realised. Many are now calling for Hackney to put the plans on hold and roll out restrictions for the whole area next year.

Ian McNicol, 69, says the council isn’t doing enough to address residents’ concerns. “Hackney has been asked to create a solution to the problem and they’re just turning a deaf ear,” he said.

Toni Williamson added: “Council officers are being witless and the councillors are ineffective. This will mean parking hell. When I’m out in the morning [in other streets] there are streams of cars coming in trying to find a parking space.”

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On the other side of the debate, one woman who lives in one of the roads earmarked for restrictions added: “We didn’t want the restrictions before because it costs us money, but the last year has been appalling.

“I had to put dustbins down during the school run to make sure there was a space when I got back.”

Hackney Council said it would consult the remaining streets about joining the scheme in due course – but that this could take a while. In the meantime, the scheme will be rolled out everywhere else on Sunday next week.

“The council consults residents as quickly as possible,” said transport boss Cllr Feryal Demirci, “but this is a process that must be carried out properly, and that takes time.”