City of Sanctuary movement gaining momentum in Hackney

Around 100 people gathered in the blooming Dalston Curve Garden on Friday to celebrate a movement which wants to see Hackney accredited as a ‘Borough of Sanctuary’.

The City of Sanctuary movement sets a “gold standard” for cities, towns and boroughs in the services, support and welcome given to migrants.

“So much negative press, much of it based on misinformation and scaremongering, is given to refugees and other migrants,” said Methodist minister and committed activist for the Sanctuary cause Cathy Bird in a speech.

“We want to say that for most people the opportunity to live in a place which embraces those who come here, for whatever reason, is seen as being a gift, a cause for celebration.

“The Borough of Sanctuary movement gives organisations and individuals alike the chance to say what sort of society they want to live and work in, a society which is hospitable and welcoming to people whoever they are and wherever they come from.”

The Hackney Borough of Sanctuary group is led by several community, voluntary and faith-based organisations

To pledge your support go to or email to get involved.