Clapton Common road blocked by tree felled by strong winds

Pedestrians and commuters had a lucky escape after gusty winds knocked down a tree across a zebra crossing on Clapton Common this morning (Tuesday, Jan 3).

The incident, which happened just before 7am at the junction with Chardmore Road, caused traffic chaos. More than a dozen buses were parked up on either side of the obstruction as they waited for tree surgeons to remove the tree by chopping it into manageable pieces with chainsaws.

Fire crews and police officers assisted in the clear-up operation, and a damaged lamppost had to be removed to make the area safe at about 9.30am.

The road has now been reopened.

Laura Carter, 23, of Shoreditch, told the Gazette: “The tree had fallen across the road from the garden of a property that has been converted into flats. It was a big tree so it blocked the whole road – it’s lucky no one was hurt.”