Clapton residents say that shortage of parking in their street is making their life a misery

Residents have complained that a shortage of parking in their road is making life a misery.

Tejinder Madaher, of Mildenhall Road, Clapton, is regularly unable to park on his street due to large numbers of commuters and businesses using the road.

Hackney Council introduced a controlled parking zone (CPZ) during the Olympics and residents say it made a massive difference, but it was removed in mid-September and the problem has returned.

The banker, who has lived in Hackney for over 20 years, says “frustration has kicked in”.

He said: “You can’t find parking on the road. When I come back from work or a night out, I normally have to park on another street.

“I have a nice car and like to park it outside my door where I can see it. I worry about it being broken into.

“My neighbour is a carpenter and has the same problem as he has tools in his van.

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“I’ve complained many times to the council and I’m getting nowhere.”

Mr Madaher would like to see residential parking or a permanent CPZ zone introduced.

Other neighbours say they face similar problems.

Muttalip Gokdogan, said: “I find it very difficult to find parking. Recently a garage brought a car here and left it outside my house for five months.

“Some people who work near here park their car and leave it during the day.”

Dale Prime, 22, said: “It’s extremely difficult. People park here on their way to work and then catch a bus into town.

“I park in the middle of the road to unload my groceries as I can’t find parking outside my house.

“It’s difficult to know how to make it better. There’s a new building being constructed on the street and I should imagine parking will be made more difficult when it’s finished.

“However, a lot of my neighbours would dread having a CPZ, Some of them are struggling for cash as it is.”

A council spokeswoman said: “As part of the Zone N parking review, we are consulting residents in a number of roads just outside the existing zone boundary.

“This feedback will determine whether the zone is extended to these roads.

“Mildenhall Road falls just outside the consultation area, but we are committed to responding to resident feedback and will look at including it in future consultation subject to demand.”