Clapton will play host to culinary battles next month

The Flavour Expats will feature a battle of cusines in Clapton

The Flavour Expats will feature a battle of cusines in Clapton - Credit: Archant

Knives are being sharpened in preparation for a series of culinary battles between the East and West in Clapton.

The Flavour Expats pop-up series will see some of London’s finest supper club chefs going head to head for two months over a six course menu inspired by the flavours of their countries of origin.

During each instalment of the eight week voyage, a pair of chefs will cook up a starter, a main and a dessert shaped by their gastronomic traditions and let diners decide which cuisine is their personal favourite.

Some of the forthcoming food battles include Great Britain versus India, Italy versus China, France versus Mauritius and Australia versus Japan.

The event is being organised by The Backdoor Kitchen supper club and Edible Experiences and will feature some of London’s best loved pop-up chefs.

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The Backdoor Kitchen founder Rob Cenciarelli, of Bermondsey, said: “The idea is to have people to try different cuisines at the same time at the same table. “It’s a challenge for the chef and a challenge for the guests. It opens up the mind and allows people to experience authentic cuisine from different countries.

“With my experience of running a supper club, I found that it opened up people to real Italian cuisine rather than stereotypes.

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He said that it taken six months to bring the idea to the table.

“This idea has been brewing in our minds for a long time”, he said. “We wanted to do something different and we wanted to showcase the best of different cuisines. We were doing a Marco Polo night and this idea was born out of that.

“It’s the first one that has been done in London in this format.

He said that it had taken time to find supper clubs with a focus on European cuisine whereas those featuring Asian food could easily be found in London.

He said: “We are featuring Asia because there are lots of Asian supper clubs. It’s much more difficult to find European supper clubs. I’m really surprised to find a couple of British supper clubs. I struggled to find a French one.”

n The Flavour Expats pop-up series will run from March 1 and take place upstairs at Palm 2 in Lower Clapton Road. Each event will cost £35 and will include a glass of Prosecco. For more information, visit

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