Community Olympic jobs fair comes to Hackney this Thursday

A series of fairs will take place in Hackney to ensure local people bag an Olympic job, thanks to the efforts of local campaigners.

The East London Communities Organisation (TELCO) has negotiated that instead of taking place far away in Dockland’s Excel Centre or Westham Football Club, the recruitment fairs should come to Hackney schools.

Hundreds of sixth form students – 95 per cent of whom unsuccessfully looked for work this summer - assembled last Thursday for the borough’s first community-led Olympic jobs fair.

Hackney campaigner for London Citizens Sebastien Chapleau said the process removed bureaucracy and would make it easier for applicants.

“There will be 40,000 jobs going, and we are negotiating to make sure they don’t go just to anyone but to local people,” he said.

“Most of them can’t afford the tickets, they say, “This Olympics was meant to be about us but its not,” so getting them jobs is a way to get them involved and realise they can get stuff out of the Olympics.

A fair takes place in St Thomas church in Clapton Common this Thursday October 13 from 10am to noon.

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In 2004 London Citizens negotiated for London 2012 to be a “Living Wage Olympics” with workers paid �8.30 per hour rather than the �5.93 per hour minimum wage.