Commuters inconvenienced as developers block Regent’s Canal towpath for two months

A leading waterways campaigner has slammed British Waterways (BW) for allowing a developer to shut off a busy commuter route for two whole months.

BW originally allowed Metropolitan Housing Group to block the Regent’s Canal towpath along Hertford Road for construction during August, but work overran.

Builders have been given a whole extra month, inconveniencing cyclists and walkers along the busy commuter route, with a diversion running from Whitmore Road to the Kingsland Road basin.

Del Brenner, secretary of the Regent’s Network and a member of the London Waterways Commission, said: “It really is so inconsiderate.

“They should put a large gang on it to do the job in a very short period of time, or otherwise complete it in sections so people could still travel through.

“BW does have a duty of care to the public. Why should people be inconvenienced?”

A spokeswoman for BW said their aim was usually to keep the towpath open for users so people can enjoy the canal, but in this case it wasn’t possible.

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“We considered reducing the towpath width but this did not leave enough space between the canal edge and the limit of the construction area,” she said.

“ Our primary concern is keeping the public safe.”

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