Conservatives ask Boris to bring his bikes further into Hackney

Hackney’s Conservative councillors met with the Mayor of London to introduce the new member of their team and persuade him roll out his ‘Boris bikes’ throughout the borough.

Cllr Michael Levy, leader of the Conservative group, Springfield ward councillor Simche Steinberger and Cllr Benzion Papier, who won the New River ward by-election in September, went to City Hall for a get-together with Boris Johnson.

They told him about their work in the borough, and asked him to extend the Transport for London (TfL) Barclays Cycle Hire scheme - currently only available in Shoreditch and Hoxton.

“We wanted to discuss quite a few issues, but the main thing that came out is that we are very supportive of this bike scheme,” said Cllr Steinberger.

“It is very healthy for people to ride bikes and we were pushing him that we are going to have it in Hackney also. I think we will do it.”