Counterfeit clothes rebranded and sent to war-torn Liberia

Counterfeit clothing worth �12,000 has been re-branded and will be distributed to war torn Liberia, instead of being destroyed and dumped in landfill as is customary to prevent breaking trade mark laws.

Hackney Council’s Trading Standards team regularly seize illegal fake-brand clothes, but this �12,000 consignment found was passed onto Bedfordshire-based His Church Charity.

The organisation has de-branded the clothing which is now on the way to Liberia along with a sewing machine where they will be given to families in need of clothing and shelter.

Richard Humphrey, from His Church Charity, said the relationship with Hackney Council was a “win, win partnership”.

“The Trading Standards team does a superb job seizing illegal counterfeit clothes, and we are delighted to fully de-brand and re-brand the items, which means rather than being destroyed, they can directly benefit some of the most vulnerable people in Hackney,” he said.

The charity has already donated re-branded clothing to Stoke Newington’s North London Action for the Homeless (NLAH) to thank the council for the donation.