�20,000 reward for Murder Mile fatality: Mother’s heartfelt appeal for witnesses

The mother of a teenager fatally stabbed eight years ago in the area known as the Murder Mile has pleaded for any witnesses to come forward, as police made fresh appeals for information and offered a �20,000 reward.

Warren Graham, 18, was out with his friends in the Palace Pavilion in Lower Clapton Road on October 26 2004, but following a disturbance at 12.45am he was stabbed three times, twice in his chest.

Warren, from Manor Park, was taken to Homerton Hospital and died shortly afterwards.

Warrens mother, Cheryl Evans, said her son had believed he was going out to enjoy himself.

“He did not return home, instead I had to identify him in a mortuary and look at him for the last time in a coffin,” she said.

“My son was eighteen, just a bud waiting to blossom.

“His life was taken by a young person who did not hesitate to use a knife as his way of conquering his ego, trying to show that he was a bad man.

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“Just writing this the pain and tears just flow everyday every week every year we cry, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas when he should be here to celebrate we have to buy flowers to lay on his graveside.”

Police know one of Warren’s friends was performing as an ‘MC’ but became involved in an argument with another group of performers over control of the mike.

At this point Warren was on the stage but as management cleared the stage he stepped down to the dance floor and was fatally stabbed by the suspect.

Although there were over 300 people in the venue, many people present chose not to come forward as witnesses, and the knife was never recovered.

“This heartfelt message goes out to the person or people who know what happened on that night, there were 300 people in the venue - someone saw something,” added Ms Evans.

“How can any individual with a heart stand by and allow another family to suffer just as we are?

“You have left us with nothing just a very dark cloud that hangs in every walk of our life.”

A reward of up to �20,000 is still being offered for information leading to the identification, arrest and prosecution of the person responsible.

Anyone with information is urged to call 020 8345 1570or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.