Burglar had blackmailed world famous actress

All three men were cleared.

All three men were cleared. - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima

A burglar raided offices just days after he was released from jail for attempting to blackmail a world-famous actress with intimate pictures of the star, a court heard.

Vernon Fevrier, 35, snatched laptops and mobiles worth over £5,000 from website designer Moove Agency, in Kingsland Road, Haggerston, last October 26 – just days after his release.

He also stole nearly £15,000 in casino chips, laptops, mobile phones, and pens from an office complex in Grosvenor Gardens, west London in January.

Fevrier, of Mount View Road, Hendon, and his brother Lee, 37, of Bannister House, Homerton, were jailed in October 2012 for blackmailing an actress with naked paparazzi photos of her they found on a laptop they stole.

They tried to sell the pictures to national tabloids, including The Sun, and gossip magazines. But they were arrested after demanding a £4,000 “reward” for their safe return.

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Vernon Fevrier, who has 37 previous convictions, initially posed as a middleman for the person who had the stolen laptop, and claimed he just wanted some cash for “a few drinks”, telling the star’s publicist he did not want to blackmail her.

The brothers were back in the dock at Southwark Crown Court last Wednesday for a string of burglary offences alongside a third defendant, Nikem Agbauryonwng, 37, of Whiston House, Goldsmiths Row, Haggerston. They were arrested after they attempted to burgle an office near Leicester Square, on March 6.

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Vernon Fevrier admitted four counts of burglary and another of entering premises with the intent to steal, and was sentenced to 21 months. Lee Fevrier and Agbauryonwng both admitted entering premises with the intent to steal and were sentenced to six months.

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