Butt-naked breakdancing Shoreditch car-dodger video

Unknown man gives police the runaround in internet video.

A BUTT-NAKED breakdancing Gene Kelly wannabe has become an internet sensation thanks to his slick moves in a Shoreditch main road.

The unknown streaker, called ‘The Naked Guy in East London’, prances about in his birthday suit dodging oncoming cars on Old Street at the junction of Shoreditch High Street and Kingsland Road.

After a few minutes entertaining increasing crowds of onlookers the dancer, who is thought to have done the deed in late January this year, is taken away by police.

The video, uploaded to the Vimeo website, has led to the Gazette fielding calls from American production companies wanting to know the dancer’s identity.

Do you know ‘The Naked Guy of East London’? Did you see him in action when it happened?

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