CCTV captures ‘Well Street Chihuahua kidnapper’ scooping up dog before wheelspin getaway in gold Volvo

Hannah the Chihuahua (second from left) with George's other dogs, in a picture supplied to the Gazet

Hannah the Chihuahua (second from left) with George's other dogs, in a picture supplied to the Gazette by Calf himself after Hannah was stolen. Picture: George Calf - Credit: george george calf

A suspected Chihuahua kidnapper was caught on CCTV scooping up the tiny pooch before speeding off in a gold Volvo, leaving a trail of smoke in his wake.

George Calf, 71, was showing off five-month-old Hannah to a group of women outside the Akdeniz International supermarket in Well Street at 4pm on Sunday when the suspect came along.

CCTV footage from the shop shows the man strolling over and picking up the tiny white dog, which is estimated to be worth £1,200.

The man, who is about 6ft 3ins, then allegedly made a getaway, with a woman, in a gold Volvo estate car.

George said: “You can see Hannah on the CCTV footage as he picks her up. She’s the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen – everyone falls in love with her because she is so pretty.

“He just leant across and took her, and he turned to me and said: ‘I’m just going to show the wife.’ I was suspicious then.

“I went after him but they got in the car and off they sped off like maniacs, wheel spinning and smoke and everything – they flew off up the road.

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“He did it very craftily. He comes up as though he’s caring and gently takes her up out of the girl’s arms, while I’m talking to another lady about her Chihuahua.

“I was annoyed with myself when I watched the footage as I was turned away. I got suspicious and thought ‘that’s not right’ – but she was gone.”

Police, who are investigating, hope to obtain the car’s registration on council CCTV cameras.

George has owned Chihuahuas for 30 years and says his four other dogs are missing Hannah.

“Little Hannah was so lucky to have her family around her,” he said. “They all played together.

“She’s only little but she was part of the gang – they would roll on the floor together. It was magic to watch.”

George, who part-owns the dog with Terry Mumford, 21, of Hoxton, says Terry can’t stop crying and is losing sleep through worry.

“Little Hannah is so gentle the whole of Roman Road Market will be up in arms,” said George.

“Brick Lane is the same, and Broadway Market and the flower market – I know all the traders.

“When I’ve got my other dogs, they don’t get a look in, Hannah’s so small.”

If anyone has any information they can call police on 101, quoting crime reference number 4610417/17.

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