Cem Duzgan allegedly assasinated in “bitter” Turkish gang feud between Hackney and Tottenham Turks

Cem Duzgan was gunned down and killed in 2009

Cem Duzgan was gunned down and killed in 2009 - Credit: Archant

The innocent sales assistant assassinated by a submachine gun in a pool club was allegedly felled in the same “bitter”, deadly feud between two Turkish gangs, which also saw a shopkeeper felled in a case of mistaken identity.

Cem Duzgan, 21, was playing pool with friends in the Clapton FC Club in Upper Clapton Lane when a hitman entered and opened fire with a Mac 11 “spray and pray” pistol.

He was hit seven times in the head, torso, arms and legs and died at the scene on 5 October 5 2009, jurors at the Old Bailey were told.

The shooting was allegedly carried out on the orders of the Tottenham Turks in revenge for the shooting of Oktay Erbasli three days earlier - a murder which remains unsolved.

Mr Duzgan, from Islington, was not the intended target of the shooting but was killed when he went to open the door of the club, it is claimed.

Prosecutor Ed Brown QC said the “hit” was an act of revenge in the “bitter and violent rivalry” between two criminal gangs - the Tottenham Turks and Hackney Turks - which “started in earnest” after Kemal Armagan, a leading figure in the Hackney Turks, was beaten up in January 2009.

This sparked a series of revenge shootings, an arson attempt and stabbing, including the murder of innocent shopkeeper, Ahmet Paytak, that March, who was shot dead at the Euro Food and Wine in Hornsey Road, Holloway, associated with Tottenham Turks.

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The prosecutor added: “Although of little comfort to the Duzgan family, Cem Duzgan is not believed to have been a significant member of the Hackney Turks or any other gang.”

A leading figure of the Hackney Turks, Erdal Armagan, was in the club at the time of the shooting, the court heard.

The gunman is said to be Blaize Lunkulu, 28, but his accomplice has not been identified.

It is claimed the murder was organised by Yusuf Arslan, 23, who was shot in the knee in the feud, and Ndombasi Makusu, 27, and Christian Barabutu, 21, allegedly helped organise the shooting and travelled to the scene with Lunkulu.

The four men, all of no fixed address, deny murder and the trial continues.