Clampdown on alleged Hackney brothel masquerading as massage parlour

Seniorita's in Chatsworth road

Seniorita's in Chatsworth road - Credit: Archant

Two workers inside Seniorita’s massage parlour allegedly admitted offering sexual services when police called by, following a tip-off it was being used as a brothel.

UK Border Officials joined police from Hackney Council’s licensing team on the visit to Seniorita’s in Chatsworth Road,Lower Clapton, where immigration notices were served to two of the four girls working in there at the time, who could not prove they had leave to remain in the UK.

An advert for an aid to help sexual performance was also discovered in the premises, which contains a sauna, steam room and five massage rooms – two of which had beds and TVs – and officers also found a list of female workers’ phone numbers.

The venue was served with a warning notice regarding the running of a brothel.

A licensing officer attended a meeting at the Town Hall last week to object to the renewal of the owner, Kalipten Hasan’s, annual massage and special treatment licence.

One had been granted in 2012, but a previous licence was withdrawn in 2009.

Licensing officer Sgt Guy Hicks said: “The manager attended the venue and acknowledged sexual services were offered, but later denied this at the council hearing.

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“Of the workers, two admitted to offering sexual services to punters, but the remaining two were reluctant to discuss any type of service offered.

“It is important to stress that the workers were all there voluntarily and there were no concerns that they had been trafficked or held against their will.”

Sgt Hicks added that no prosecution was anticipated, but a follow-up visit was due and depending on the outcome, police may consider a prosecution if the premises was felt to be running as a brothel again.

After hearing from all parties last week, the licensing sub-committee was satisfied the premises, with the applicant’s knowledge, had operated inappropriately and refused the massage application.

A statement said: “It should be noted that the applicant’s legal representative was happy for the hearing to proceed, but was challenging the police’s evidence.

“The sub-committee were disappointed with the late information provided, but were satisfied that an appropriate opportunity was given to the applicant to consider the information and that the hearing was as a result fairly conducted with regards to the prime issue for consideration as to why the renewal application is being opposed.”

The Gazette was unable to contact Miss Hasan.