Crack dealer jailed after fleeing police on stolen moped

A CRACK cocaine dealer was jailed for three months on Tuesday after pleading guilty to a string of drug and driving offences.

On November 5, officers chased Carlos Brooks, 20, from Amhurst Road after he sped past on a moped in Dalston Lane, ignoring their indication to pull over.

They pursued him until he jumped off in the front garden of a property in Amhurst Road.

He was arrested for failing to stop and taken to Stoke Newington Police Station.

Cops then discovered that the moped had been fitted with false number plates after being stolen last year.

It has since been returned to its owner.

Brooks’ home was searched and around 25 rocks of crack cocaine were found in his bedroom.

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He was jailed for 90 days, suspended for 12 months for stealing the moped, possession with intent to supply class A drugs, failing to stop for police, driving not in accordance with his licence and driving without insurance.