Crime crackdown on Hackney buses

Police are stepping up their crack down on crime on buses in Hackney in response to a spate of robberies and other offences.

The new operation, SafeBus, is targeting particular bus routes during the six-week school summer holiday, which has coincided in the past with an increase in anti-social behaviour.

Bus crime is down by six per cent this year, with a 37 per cent drop in vandalism and drug related offences and violence down by 14 per cent.

However, there has been a significant increase in sexual offences (57 per cent), robbery (20 per cent) and fraud (14 per cent).

Hackney police’s safer transport team plans to have an increased presence on buses, with a special focus on Dalston, during the week starting Monday, August 30.

Police officers will aim to establish contact with young people, reassure the travelling public, identify and deal with suspects of bus crime and reduce youth violence.

Safebus is also focusing on preventing knife crime in the wider community, using search arches and weapons sweeps to reassure passengers.

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Steve Burton, director for community safety at Transport for London, said: “Travelling on Hackney’s buses should be a pleasant experience for all passengers, but a small minority can ruin journeys with their unacceptable behaviour.

“While crime on the bus network is low, we want to do everything we can to help Hackney residents travel safely and comfortably during the school holidays.”