Dalston crash: Sakine Cihan, 56, dies after being hit by cyclist in Kingsland High Street

The scene in Kingsland Road after the crash. Picture: David Peat

The scene in Kingsland Road after the crash. Picture: David Peat - Credit: Archant

A 56-year-old woman who was struck by a cyclist in Kingsland High Street two weeks ago has died, police have said.

Sakine Cihan from Dalston was left with critical injuries after the collision just before 5.10pm on August 28.

She was hit by a rider on a “Specialized” electric-assisted bike as she tried to cross the road near the Rio Cinema when the traffic lights were on green.

The rider initially stopped but then cycled off. A man who was arrested the following day has been released under investigation.

Helen Price from care agency JC Michaels, who drew on her experience in the scouts to co-ordinate first aid after the crash, has expressed her shock and sadness at her death.

“I’m really taken aback,” she told the Gazette yesterday morning when the news was broken to her. “When I heard she was fighting for her life I was hoping she would pull through.”

Ms Price had been in the office when she heard a bang, and went outside to see Ms Cihan lying in the middle of the road.

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“Initially I stood at the door completely frozen and it wasn’t until someone shouted: ‘Hello can you help?’, that I thought: ‘Yes, I’ve got to help’.

They grabbed some blankets from the office and put Ms Cihan in the recovery position – but cars were still trying to overtake from both sides.

“I put two guys on either side and said make sure they don’t hit us,” said Ms Price.

“Another lady turned up who was a nurse so she took the lead with the first aid. Everyone was calling 999 but I said to one lady: ‘You stay here. You are my 999 call’. It was daunting.”

Ms Price thinks the traffic light crossing is dangerous. “There are people hit there all the time,” she said.