Dalston homophobic ‘acid attack’: Gang of cowardly thugs convicted over bank holiday assault

Top row: Huseyin Onel, Guven Ulas, Mehmet Tekegac, Mustafa Kiziltan. Bottom row: Yasam Erdogan, Onur

Top row: Huseyin Onel, Guven Ulas, Mehmet Tekegac, Mustafa Kiziltan. Bottom row: Yasam Erdogan, Onur Ardic, Serkan Kiziltan and Turgut Adakan. Pictures: CPS - Credit: Archant

A cowardly thug who launched a homophobic “acid attack” on strangers in Dalston during the May bank holiday is facing years in jail.

Huseyin Onel spraying the corrosive substance. Picture: CPS

Huseyin Onel spraying the corrosive substance. Picture: CPS - Credit: Archant

Hackney man Huseyin Onel, 24, and his gang of eight wingmen targeted their first victim in Shacklewell Lane, stamping and kicking him as he curled up in a ball on the ground and covered his face.

They then beat up another man who had started filming the attack on his phone, while the first victim ran off.

Onel then squirted a corrosive substance from a plastic bottle into the second victim’s face and eyes while targeting others who tried to step in. He was lucky to escape with his eyesight intact, the Crown Prosecution Service said. Another person suffered burns to their tongue.

After the three-minute attack ended homophobic abuse was shouted at the victims from the window of a car the gang left in. It is not known why the first victim was targeted, and he has not been found by police.

Initial reports of the attack in the national press claimed it took place outside gay nightclub Dalston Superstore, which is around the corner in Kingsland High Street.

Those inaccurate reports were shut down by the club bosses, who said their venue had closed at 2.30am – almost three hours before the attack.

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In a statement on Facebook, they said: “The three men had not visited our venue, and the attack happened long after we had closed.”

Three of the gang were convicted on Wednesday after a trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court. The other six admitted their part in the attack at earlier hearings.

Karen Dubarry of the Crown Prosecution Service said: “Each of these men played some part in the violence carried out on that day.

“The CPS was able to prove that Huseyin Onel sprayed a liquid into eyes and faces, while covering his own face which was a clear sign he knew what he was spraying was very dangerous.

“Those others who knew he was carrying a corrosive substance and intended to use it are equally culpable for his actions.

“If you throw acid or ammonia you will face conviction and a very serious prison sentence.”

Huseyin Onel was found guilty of violent disorder and seven offences of applying a corrosive fluid with intent to burn, maim, disfigure or disable.

Onur Ardic, 27, and Mehmet Tekagac, 30, both admitted violent disorder and were found guilty of applying a corrosive fluid with intent.

Guven Ulas, 19, Mustafa Kiziltan, 30, Serkan Kiziltan, 22, Turgut Adakan, 23, Yasam Erdogan, 23, and Umit Kaygisiz, 20, had all previously admitted violent disorder.

They will all be sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court next month.