Dalston pub’s outdoor tables stolen in the middle of the night

Three large tables were stolen from the Victoria pub in Dalston earlier this month. Picture: Nick Le

Three large tables were stolen from the Victoria pub in Dalston earlier this month. Picture: Nick Letchford - Credit: Nick Letchford

A Dalston pub already struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic had three of its tables stolen earlier this month.

The theft took place at the Victoria in Dalston in the middle of the night on May 6.

Pub owner and founder of the JaguarShoes arts collective Nick Letchford was “gutted” and said: “All I can assume is some people pulled up in a van and loaded them in or somebody local walked them away.

“Its more morale than anything and not money we want to have to spend prior to reopening – cause were pretty broke right now.

“The last thing we need is people stealing from us given the fact that we’ve not been able to trade.”

The pub’s CCTV cameras do not cover the area where the hefty tables with benches attached were taken.

Nick has set up a food box delivery service, a beer bank and launched a fundraiser to help his businesses survive the lockdown. It will cost about £120 to replace the tables.

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“It is what is – we’ll sort it out because we need to.”

He says the government may permit businesses to open outside areas earlier so it’s crucial he replace them.

“They’re quite a big lump! You wouldn’t imagine that they are an easy thing to steal or necessarily a thing anyone would want to be honest – who the hell wants benches? It’s bonkers,” Nick said.

To support Nick and his pub donate to the Jaguar Shoes Collective by clicking here

Or invest in it’s beer bank by clicking here.

Nick has also set up a food delivery service to support local produce and brands. Click here to order a box.

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