Daniel Frederick murder trial: Witness saw five ‘sinister’ masked teens launch brutal attack in Stoke Newington

Daniel Frederick. Picture: Louise Samuels

Daniel Frederick. Picture: Louise Samuels - Credit: Louise Samuels

Five teenage thugs launched a “ruthless” attack that killed father-of-three Daniel Frederick yards from his home, the Old Bailey has heard.

One witness claims he saw the group huddled around Daniel, 34, punching, kicking and stabbing him at 5.40pm on January 8 in Shakspeare Walk, Stoke Newington.

The attack lasted just seconds but was so brutal, according to prosecutor Alison Hunter, that Daniel’s black Puffa jacket was left “full of holes”.

Seven stab wounds pierced his buttocks and thigh but the fatal 9cm deep and 11cm wide wound went into his back and punctured his lung “leaving him gasping and unable to breathe”.

A 16-year-old who cannot be named for legal reasons has already pleaded guilty to the attack.

Four of his “close friends” - another 16-year-old and two 17-year-olds – who can also not be named - and Kacper Karasinski, 18, of Mount Pleasant Lane deny murder.

The group is alleged to have set off together from the Hill Court Estate, going to the murder scene and back, according to CCTV footage. Six people saw them near the scene, as well as the witness who saw the attack.

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“He didn’t stand a chance,” said Ms Hunter. “Six witnesses described the group as sinister, intimidating, wearing masks or face coverings, and dressed in black hoodies, carrying knives, and moving purposefully.

“They ran up to Daniel and the witness describes no one as hanging back or removing themselves from what was happening, until they were either disturbed by his shouts or finished with what they were doing.”

A pathologist was unable to say how many knives were used but suggested it was more than one.

Three knives were recovered on the route the group allegedly took to flee the scene – one in Clissold Road and two others from the stream in Clissold Park.

“While it’s not possible to say which knives were used, or who inflicted the fatal or further stab wounds, it is the Crown’s case that the group took deliberate purposeful movements, and were disguised as they were by the time they reached the murder scene,” said Ms Hunter.

“This was a pre-planned and deliberate attack, and that there could only be one outcome from such a savage attack – serious bodily harm or death.”

The following day within an hour and a half of the Met’s murder appeal, Karasinski was booked on a flight out of Stansted to Oslo, while one of the 17-year-olds travelled to France, headed for Istanbul.

The trial continues.