Disruptive crowds lead to Finsbury Park road closure

Police closed off the road on Saturday night

Police closed off the road on Saturday night - Credit: Archant

Roads in Hackney were closed and a woman was arrested after revellers tried to attend a house party on Saturday night.

Police were called at 9.20pm when around 150 people turned up to a party and caused disturbances in Green Lanes, at the junction with Seven Sisters Road.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said officers were quick to disperse crowds and road closures were put in place to ensure the safety of the large number of people gathered on the street.

The spokesman also confirmed one woman was arrested for assaulting a police officer.

Harv Nagra, 33, a resident from Green Lanes said he initially became alarmed by the number of police cars heading north on the road on Saturday night.

He said: “It became quite noisy outside and it was evident there was a large crowd, and cars were essentially at a standstill outside my window.

“Over the course of about 45 minutes, police created a barricade and started walking the crowd south down Green Lanes, the disturbance lasted quite a while.”

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Mr Nagra confirmed it is not the first time that an unruly disturbance has been caused at the address.

He added: “I’m still not sure what the gathering was about or who organised it, but something similar happened this summer – huge rowdy crowd of teens standing outside with their numbers disrupting traffic.”