Emaciated dog dumped in canal in Clapton

An emaciated dog that was thrown into a canal in the middle of the night was saved by horrified narrowboat owners who woke up when they heard the animal desperately flailing about in the water.

The bony tan-coloured bull terrier cross is believed to have given birth recently, because of her enlarged teats.

The incident happened at the Lea Navigation Canal on Friday, July 6, and the dog collapsed as soon as the couple fished her out near the Princess of Wales pub in Lea Bridge Road, Clapton.

Inspector Andrea Middleton, of the Royal Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), said: “They woke up as they heard the sound of an engine and heard a lot of splashing and went to investigate.

“They saw the dog flailing around in the canal and managed to fish her out.”

The dog was unable to stand when she was pulled to safety and she was collected by the RSPCA and taken to Harmsworth Hospital.

Staff say she was clearly emaciated, with several ribs sticking out, and ate ravenously when offered food.

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They believe somebody drove the dog, who must have left a litter of puppies somewhere, to the canal before dumping her – and appealed for information so they can catch the heartless person responsible.

Witnesses, or anyone with information, should call the RSPCA’s inspector information line on 0300-123-8018.

• To help the RSPCA investigate cases like this, by donating �3, text HELP to 78866.