Ex-partner accused of killing mother and baby with machete

Oswald's Mead mother and baby killing, Homerton

Oswald's Mead mother and baby killing, Homerton - Credit: Archant

A mother and her 22-month-old baby were hacked to death with a machete by her ex-partner, as her eldest daughter listened in horror on the phone, a court heard.

Roland McKoy, 54, is accused of murdering Valerie Forde, 45, and toddler Real-Jahzarah McKoy on the day he was supposed to move out of the family home.

Ms Forde called her 28-year-old daughter Carrise when an argument broke out and the line remained open as the attack started on March 31, Old Bailey jurors were told last Monday.

Carrise heard Jahzara screaming and called police but by the time officers got into the third floor of the house in Oswald’s Mead, Homerton, both mother and daughter were dead.

McKoy allegedly battered his ex- partner with a hammer, slashed her face and neck with the machete and stabbed her with a screwdriver, and used the same machete to cut Jahzara’s throat.

The recording of the harrowing 999 call by Carrise during the attack was played to the jury.

She could be heard sobbing as she begged the operator to send police officers to the house, adding: “Oh my God... get them there now. I think he’s attacked her. She’s screaming. My baby sister, she’s screaming in the house.

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“He’s saying to her; ‘now you will see the destruction you are causing on your family.’, What’s he done to my mum?”

When police gained entry, it is claimed McKoy was lying in a foetal position on the floor next to the hammer, machete and screwdriver and vomited bleach when roused by officers.

A note allegedly placed over Ms Forde’s face blaming her for the killing, read: “Valerie Forde you never stop playing derty ticks for many years on all people places and things you targets.

“Now the world must see the sudden destruction you creates in our families, our home and on yourself. Our fame in history. Sign:- Roland. [SIC]”

It is claimed Ms Forde, who worked as an office manager for the Hackney Marsh Partnership, reported McKoy to police for threatening behaviour six weeks before her death in February.

In a statement she alleged McKoy told her that if he could not have the children “then you’re not having them”.

She also told friends he had made other threats in the four years before the killings.

The couple who lived together had been in a relationship for 18 years, but last December she gave him three months to move out.

McKoy then allegedly became jealous, accusing Ms Forde of having affairs and listening into her phone conversations.

Prosecutor Ed Brown QC said: “McKoy complained he had nowhere to go and no money and claimed that ‘Jahzara would be brain damaged as she needed her father there in the house.’

McKoy, who made no comment in police interview, denies murder. The trial continues.