Finsbury Park Samsung Galaxy knifepoint phone robbers jailed

Bryan Hart

Bryan Hart - Credit: Archant

A man who brandished a six-inch blade as he robbed a man of his Samsung Galaxy phone in Queen’s Drive, Finsbury Park, and his partner in crime, have been jailed for robbery.

Lisa Barratt

Lisa Barratt - Credit: Archant

The victim, a 28-year old man, had dropped a friend off in Queen’s Drive in Finsbury Park, and was walking along the road talking to his wife just before midnight on November 15 last year.

Lisa Barratt approached him, asking him to help her find an address, and moments later her partner Bryan Hart appeared with a knife.

He ordered the victim to hand over his phone and the couple fled.

The victim went to his friend’s home and used the anti-theft phone application, Cerberus, to search for the thieves.

One search showed the handset was just four metres away from a nearby hostel in Lennox Road, but a police search of the hostel later that night didn’t find any leads.

The signal then went dead, indicating the phone had been switched off or the date had been wiped.

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CCTV images of the robbery showed a white female wearing white trousers and the figure of a black man.

Five days after the incident, officers made further enquiries at the hostel and found Hart and Barratt in a room together, and a search of the room uncovered a pair of white trousers in a cupboard.

Both suspects were arrested and charged with robbery.

On Tuesday May 14 both Bryan Hart, 40 and Lisa Barratt, 40, both of Lennox Road, Finsbury Park were sentenced to four years imprisonment for robbery.

DC Dave Crewe, from Hackney’s robbery unit, said: “This is a great result and I can only hope these long jail sentences will deter others from committing a similar crime.”