Daniel Frederick murder trial: ‘Snitch’ graffiti sprayed in detention centre toilets as defendants turn on each other

Daniel Frederick. Picture: Louise Samuels

Daniel Frederick. Picture: Louise Samuels - Credit: Louise Samuels

Four former friends on trial for murder have turned against each other in the dock at the Old Bailey, with one accused of calling another a “snitch” in graffiti on a prison toilet wall.

The fourth defendant who turned 18 during the five-week trial, says although he was at the scene, he took no part in the fatal knife attack on Daniel Frederick outside his home in Shakspeare Walk, Stoke Newington on January 8.

But he claims two of his co-defendants did.

As he “turned the corner” the teen says he saw the 16-year-old - who has already pleaded guilty to murder - pulling a knife out of father-of-three Daniel’s body, leading him to fall to his knees.

Then he apparently saw his 16-year-old co-defendant with two knives “making punching motions” towards Daniel on the ground, before seeing co-defendant Kacper Karasinski, 18, of Mount Pleasant Lane, over him “making a slicing motion” with a knife in his hand and his eyes shut.

Seven stab wounds got through Daniel’s thick clothing during the attack to pierce his buttocks and thigh but the fatal wound went into his back and punctured his lung.

While the fourth defendant assumed the group were headed there to “violate” Daniel - or otherwise “beat him up” and perhaps post a photo of the attack on social media - he was “shocked” when it turned deadly.

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He says the five of them had been at the house of the 16-year-old drug dealer who admitted murder, listening to music, smoking cannabis and playing video games when they came up with the plan.

The teen who was expelled from Stoke Newington School, said he was “frassed” or stoned when they left, and “didn’t realise anyone had knives”.

In October 2016 he was convicted himself for possession of a 10cm kitchen knife and a bag of cannabis after being caught red-handed by police.

Karasinski’s lawyer pointed out the teen had only filed his statement three days before the trial was due to start, and accused him of concocting the story to create a “smokescreen” and implicate his friends.

“No one said to you: ‘Come with or something terrible is going to happen’,” he said.

The 18-year-old who claims he was too scared to say no, replied: “(The 16-year-old) said: ‘Let’s go’ to everyone. His face was full of anger and he was punching the wall.”

“You could have walked out. Are you a weak person? Can’t you make decisions for yourself?” replied the lawyer. “You’re prepared to make false allegations about others to save your own skin. There was no group plan to violate anyone when you left the house. This is the case of you being a liar.”

“That means Kacper Karasinski has no reason to call me a snitch,” he replied, referring to graffiti in the toilet at juvenile prison Cookham Wood where all four are being detained.

“I’m going to suggest he hasn’t called you a snitch,” said the lawyer. “You might have written it in the toilet yourself.”

“I’ve never had a pen,” he replied. “I saw my name on the wall. Kacper Karasinski is the only person calling me a snitch”.

Worried about being “unwittingly implicated”, two days after the attack the fourth defendant travelled with his father to France, Amsterdam, then Istanbul where he stayed in his grandparents’ home with his uncle.

But he returned to live with his father in Doncaster in March and was said to be “physically shaking” when he was arrested in April.

The trial continues.