Gang jailed for 114 years for revenge killing of Islington man in Clapton

Cem Duzgan, right, was 'executed' by Blaize Lunkula (top right), who was assisted by Arslan (top left), Makusu (bottom...

Cem Duzgan, right, was 'executed' by Blaize Lunkula (top right), who was assisted by Arslan (top left), Makusu (bottom right) and Barabutu (bottom left) - Credit: Archant

Gang members who "executed" an innocent man in a burst of sub-machine gun fire have been jailed for a total of 114 years.

The four gang members, three of whom received life sentences, shot 21-year-old Cem Duzgan 11 times in an execution-style killing at Clapton FC, a Turkish social club in Upper Clapton Road, Hackney, in October 2009.

The killing came during a bitter feud between two rival gangs, the Tottenham Turks and the Hackney Turks, the Old Bailey heard, when innocent bystander Mr Duzgan was shot.

Days before the Islington resident’s death, another man, Oktay Erbasli, was killed in a related shooting, leading police to believe the incident was a mistaken revenge killing by a rival gang.

The court heard that 24-year-old Yusuf Arslan, sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 33 years, and of no fixed address, called Mr Erbasli’s brother before and after the murder to say his “death had been avenged”.

Mr Duzgan, from Islington, who had been playing pool with friends, was found by police riddled with bullets and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Blaize Lunkula, 28, also of no fixed address, who fired the gun less than 30cm from the victim’s head, was given life imprisonment with a minimum of 35 years.

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Ndombasi Makusu, 27, was also sentenced to life imprisonment, to serve a minimum of 28 years, and Christian Barabutu, 22, was jailed for a minimum of 18 years. Both men are also of no fixed address.

Det Sgt Simon Franklin, of the Met's homicide unit, said: “This will send a clear message that the streets of London cannot be ruled by fear and violence, and those who commit such offences and hide behind gangs will be brought to justice.”