Gemma McCluskie: Second arm believed to belong to EastEnders actress found in Regent’s Canal

Second arm believed to belong to killed EastEnders actress Gemma McCluskie has been found today in the Regent’s Canal.

Scotland Yard have confirmed that the police marine support unit recovered an arm in a stretch of the canal in Hackney this morning.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “We await further tests to determine identity but at this stage it is believed to be connected to Gemma McCluskie.”

It is not clear in which part of the waterway the latest discovery was made.

It comes after a right hand arm was spotted by a British Waterways employee near the famous Broadway Market stretch of the canal last Monday. And on Tuesday two legs were found separately by the police divers near the same spot along Broadway Market.

The actress torso had been discovered floating in the same part of the canal earlier this month.

The marine divers continued their search of the canal this afternoon.

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Miss McCluskie, 29, who lived in Bethnal Green with her mother Pauline and brother Tony, starred as Kerry Skinner in 30 episodes of the BBC soap.

Her brother, Tony McCluskie, 35, of Pelter Street, Bethnal Green has been charged with her murder.

He is due to appear at the Old Bailey in June.