Hackney crime toll falls but burglaries rise sharply

Supt David Grainger

Supt David Grainger - Credit: Archant

There were 1,000 fewer victims of crime in Hackney during the last year, new figures reveal.

Robberies were down by 250, there were 200 fewer cars stolen and vehicle break-ins fell by 260 in the past 12 months, according to police.

Violent crime was up slightly – about 50 incidents to 2,200 – while burglaries rose sharply with a further 300 incidents, which officers say is down to thefts from offices and bicycles being stolen form communal hallways.


Supt David Grainger said: “I know reported figures don’t always tell the whole story, but as far as I am concerned this means 1,000 less victims of crime, which is fantastic.

“Burglaries are a big challenge. One of things we are doing is engaging more with the public; education premises not to be targets, making sure communal areas are licked on houses and so on.

“We are also talking to venues where violence has taken place. It’s not always their fault if people get drunk and start hitting each other, but if it keeps happening maybe they aren’t addressing the problem.