Hackney police video: Officers forcibly restrain man on floor of McDonald’s while being attacked by onlookers

The officer is kicked while trying to arrest someone. Picture: @ItssJohnnyy

The officer is kicked while trying to arrest someone. Picture: @ItssJohnnyy - Credit: Archant

A Hackney police officer forcibly restraining a man on the floor of a McDonald’s was kicked in the back as an angry crowd gathered around them.

Police had been called to the Narrow Way fast food restaurant after staff hit the panic alarm to report a fight at 10.40pm last night.

Footage posted on social media shows two officers restraining a man on the ground as onlookers shout.

During the scuffle, a man kicks one of the police in the back twice. Seconds later, the same officer points a Taser at someone else in the crowd and a bright light flashes.

Scotland Yard today said there was no recorded evidence of a Taser being discharged. The video ends almost immediately after the flash, but for the split-second afterwards the bystander appears unhurt and is pulled away by someone beside him.

The officer shouts at someone during the incident. Picture: @ItssJohnnyy

The officer shouts at someone during the incident. Picture: @ItssJohnnyy - Credit: Archant

Both cops were treated for injuries, the Met said today – one to his face and the other to his ankle.

The video sparked fierce debate on Twitter about the tactics used during the arrest.

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Hackney police had their say on their own Twitter account, writing: “If you witnessed this incident last night please DM. If the ‘tough man’ who feels it’s acceptable to kick my colleague in the back not once but twice when trying to arrest someone feels any sort of remorse, get in touch too before we track you down.”

A man, 30, was today in custody on suspicion of assaulting police. Cops are still appealing for information about the other people involved.

Acting borough commander Steve Johnson said: “Two officers who were responding to a call to protect the public have been repeatedly assaulted.

“This is an unacceptable, nasty incident, with my officers being kicked while they were on the floor just trying to do their job. I would ask anyone with any information to call us and assist in the investigation.”

Any witnesses or anyone with any information is asked to call police on 101 quoting CAD 7430 of August 27.