Hackney residents are warned to be vigilant over bank card scam

Police urge Hackney residents to be vigilant over bank card scam

Police urge Hackney residents to be vigilant over bank card scam - Credit: Archant

Police in Hackney have received several reports of elderly and vulnerable people being targeted by fraudsters.

Residents have received calls on their home phone numbers from people purporting to be police officers who say that someone has been arrested carrying their credit and bank card details.

The crooks then send an accomplice to their target’s home who pretends to be a courier and takes their cards and pin numbers to supposedly “safeguard” them. They are then fraudulently used.

On July 8, a 58 year old man was contact by a male suspect purporting to be a police officer. The suspect asked the victim to call the telephone number on the back of his card.

The victim dialled the number and spoke with a woman who asked for the long numbers on the cards and for the PIN numbers.

He was then transferred back to the suspect who asked him not to tell anyone about it. He asked the victim to take his cards to Hammersmith Police Station. The victim declined as it was too far away. The suspect then suggested sending over a courier to collect the cards.

Nearly £700 was taken out of the victims bank accounts before they were cancelled.

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Det Sget Ben Hobbs, who is investigating the crimes, said: “This was a despicable offence that has understandably left this and many other residents very distressed. Those involved have obviously done their homework and have been sufficiently convincing to trick the victims.

“I want to make it clear that banks and the police do not operate in this way. Neither the police nor banks will ever ask for card details. No matter how much information a caller can provide about your bank account, if you have any concerns then hang up.

“Ensure you have a dialling tone, which shows the person who you were previously speaking to has hung up, either call back on the phone number given on the back of your bank card or go in to your nearest branch.”

He asked people to make friends and relatives aware of this scam.”

Anyone who believes they may have been a victim of a similar offence or knows someone else who may have been targeted by these fraudsters is urged to call 0207 275 3403 or email hackneycid@met.police.