Hackney thug who assaulted girlfriend must tell police every time he has new sexual partner

Dean Purcell.

Dean Purcell. - Credit: Archant

A man who was jailed for assaulting a woman must now tell police whenever he has a new sexual partner in a bid to protect potential victims.

Dean Purcell, 36, was sentenced to 12 months' jail for ABH and two counts of battery and on April 12, 2018, he was handed a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) applied for by the police.

During the hearing at Wood Green Crown Court, Judge Noel Lucas ordered that, for seven years, Purcell must, within three days of the third time he has any sexual activity with a woman, provide sufficient details to permit police to make immediate contact with the woman.

The order was only the fourth CBO issued in England and Wales in a domestic violence case, the first and second of which were also applied for by Hackney police.

A previous version of this article reported that Purcell had called the victim names, slapped her, become "extremely controlling" of her, and bitten her right ear. We would like to make clear that these were allegations made by the victim that were heard in court; these allegations were not accepted by Purcell as part of his guilty plea. Purcell further denied threatening to take an overdose and threatening to stab the woman. We are sorry for the error and hope this clarifies the situation.

In fact, Purcell admitted ABH and two counts of common assault on the basis that he used excessive self defence. The conduct relating to those charges involved restraining the woman while holding her on a bed with his body weight and holding his hand over her mouth in an apparent attempt to prevent her making noise; hair pulling; and punching her leg while in his car.