Hackney wife’s ‘Isis-inspired’ murder plot thwarted

Old Bailey

Old Bailey - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A cheating wife who unwittingly hired an undercover cop to kill her husband in an Islamic State-inspired execution has been told to expect a lengthy jail term.

Nurten Taycur, 28, offered her “life savings” of £5,000 to the officer masquerading as a hitman named John, so he could slit her minicab-driver husband’s throat and daub his Uber car with graffiti stating “Isis”.

The mother pleaded guilty to soliciting murder when she realised their conversations had been recorded for weeks, during which they had discussed whether a gun or knife should be used and how much she was willing to spend.

Taycur, of Dymchurch Close, Pembury Road, Lower Clapton, said she wanted her husband to die because she wanted him to “get out of her life”. The Old Bailey heard on Friday how she first met “John” in Victoria Park on November 13 last year, when he suggested a stabbing during a fake robbery attack.

But she said she would prefer the murder to look “Isis-inspired” as her husband was part of the anti-Isis Turkish PKK group.

John suggested the body “could be taken to a farm in Wales and his body could be disposed of by feeding it to an animal”. But Taycur wanted his body to be found, so it could be taken to Turkey and she could “cry to show I’m very sad”.

Her “devastated” husband, who she married at 16 in 2003 after moving to England from Turkey, described the relationship as “generally good”. “The fact his wife was planning to have him murdered turned out to be a complete shock,” said prosecutor Mark Gadsden.

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“Although the reason was not fully established, she did say she was involved in a relationship with another man, who she described as her boyfriend, who she said she had a relationship for one and a half to two years,” he continued.

“We would say that’s the reason she wanted him murdered.”

The day before the planned murder she met “John” in Colvestone Crescent, Dalston, on December 4, and offered a photo of her husband, details of the make and model of his car, and the pin code to his app to trace him, and said by text how “excited” she felt.

When she was arrested she asked for her husband not to be told why, because she didn’t “want him to know what I was going to do”.

Taycur will be sentenced on Friday next week.