‘I was chopping meat when he opened fire’: Mighty Meats butcher recalls aftermath of Chatsworth Road killing

Moses Fadairo

Moses Fadairo - Credit: Archant

A butcher has described how a gangland shooting in Hackney spilled over into his shop when a gunman opened fire at a drug dealer who had sought refuge behind his counter.

Christopher Enruse, 28, is accused of murdering Moses Fadairo, 25, in Chatsworth Road, Lower Clapton, in front of horrified shoppers and cafe-goers last September.

Jurors at the Old Bailey have heard Enruse then took aim at Moses’ brother Emmanuel, 28, and followed him as he sought refuge in the Mighty Meat butcher’s shop.

Enruse, of Chalcombe Road, Abbey Wood, admits he had the gun, but denies murder, attempted murder and manslaughter, claiming he acted in self defence after Moses chased him and stabbed him in the leg.

Servat Boran was chopping meat behind the counter in his butcher’s shop, chatting with his ex-wife Tracey who had popped in to see him, when he heard two noises “like a firework” outside.

He said he continued work until Emmanuel Fadairo ran inside, shutting the door – which is normally left open – behind him.

Mr Boran told how, without saying a word, Mr Fadairo lay down on the floor near the fridge behind the counter. “After, another man pushed the door and come inside,” he told the court.

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“They held the gun, and the man that first came inside, he tried to shoot him as he lay down on the floor, and the gun in his hand.

“I said: ‘Don’t shoot him.’ And he shoot him – he shoot at the wall. He didn’t hit him.” [sic]

The court was shown pictures of where the bullet had hit the wall.

“How loudly did you say that?” asked defence barrister.

“Loud. He said nothing. Just came in and shooting and run,” replied Mr Boran, adding Mr Fadairo then ran off after Enruse.

The younger Mr Fadairo, a new father of twin boys, was pronounced dead at the scene from a gunshot wound to his chest, while the elder escaped unscathed.

Jurors have heard allegations that a “tit-for-tat” dispute had escalated between the two factions in the days leading up to the incident.

It is claimed Emmanuel Fadairo’s “drugs line” – the “invaluable phone” with the names of the dealers’ clients – was stolen from a “runner” in front of their one-time friend Enruse.

The trial continues.