Indian restaurant was infested with cockroaches

A cockroach found in the Royal India restaurant

A cockroach found in the Royal India restaurant - Credit: Archant

An Indian restaurant was closed down twice because of widespread cockroach infestations, leading to its owner being ordered to pay more than £16,000.

The Royal India restaurant

The Royal India restaurant - Credit: Archant

Inspectors found the kitchen at The Royal India in Stoke Newington Church Street was not clean enough and food had not been protected from contamination from pests when they visited last July.

The restaurant was reopened after pest treatments and a thorough clean, but when Hackney Council’s environmental health team officers returned in February for a six month routine inspection, the premises had to be closed again.

The infestation of German cockroaches – a small breed – was so bad that all stages of the insect’s lifecycle were seen, from eggs to mature breeding adults.

Saifur Alam, director of the N16 Curry House Ltd, and N16 Curry House Ltd, and the food business operator of The Royal India pleaded guilty on August 21 to seven food hygiene offences.

These included failure to put in place procedures to prevent pests, failure to ensure the structural layout of the premises to permit pest control, failure to protect food from contamination, and failure to ensure the venue was kept clean and maintained in good repair.

Royal India is currently rated zero on the food hygiene rating scheme and will be regularly visited and supported by environmental health officers to achieve a higher score and ensure continued compliance with food hygiene legislation.

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After further intensive pest control treatments, the premises reopened and there hasbeen no further evidence of cockroaches on revisits.

Mr Alam told the Gazette: “They are making it into such a big thing here, finding one or two cockroaches, it wasn’t as bad a what they are describing. I have been an established business for a long time.

“Every food business should have pest control in force, and on the other hand every food business suffers from pest activities, but it has to be at a minimal level – technically it does not mean this food operator is not taking care or that their food is bad.

“No one will run their business carelessly knowing they will harm other people.”