Irate punter who attacked sex worker was identified by his own vomit

Kirk Wynter

Kirk Wynter - Credit: Archant

A frustrated punter who tried to set fire to a sex worker, and stabbed her repeatedly for failing to ‘finish him off’ is facing jail after he was snared due to his scorpion tattoo.

Kirk Wynter, 32, screamed ‘you’re dying in here’ as he plunged scissors into his victim, and hit her with a broken tile and an umbrella in a store room in Bramfield Court, on the King’s Crescent Estate, Finsbury Park.

He initially paid her £15 for oral sex behind a camper van after picking her up on the street nearby.

Wynter returned later that evening, on June 21 last year, offering £40 if the sex worker would ‘finish him off’.

But he became irate when he was unable to get aroused, the Old Bailey heard, and abruptly ran to the corner of the dingy room to vomit. He then put his shirt back on and demanded she return his money.

When she refused, Wynter launched the terrifying attack, leaving her with two punctured lungs, stab wounds, and severe bruising.

The brutal attack involved beating her with an umbrella, setting her hair alight with a cigarette lighter and stabbing her with a pair of scissors found in her own bag.

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He grabbed a broken tile lying nearby and began hitting her with it, telling her: ‘You’re dying in here bitch – don’t think you’re getting out of it’.

A desperate 999 call to emergency services was played to jurors, as the victim struggled to breathe and called out for help.

Wynter claimed it was a case of mistaken identity, but his DNA was matched to vomit at the crime scene.

He was also snared by a distinctive tattoo on his body which he proudly showed to his victim moments before trying to kill her, along with an array of distinctive body art, including one design which read: ‘Live for today, f*** tomorrow’.

Wynter, of Harold Road, Stoke Newington, denied attempted murder but was found guilty by a jury on Monday and will be sentenced on September 1.