Israel Moscovitz: An apology

In an article entitled “Notorious Stamford Hill landlord fined for illegal ‘garage’ - with bell and ‘fake’ door”, we referred to the prosecution of Eurorose Properties Ltd for failing to comply with an enforcement notice and its subsequent guilty plea.

Our article suggested that Mr Moscovitz – the director of Eurorose, which owns the house in Leadale Road – was responsible for building an oversized structure, which he used as an office, when he knew that he only had planning permission to build a single storey garage and in so doing caused misery and distress to his neighbour.

We now accept that this is incorrect. The house is occupied by a tenant of Eurorose. The tenant applied for and was granted planning permission. He organised the construction of an outbuilding that was larger than had been permitted. As a result, the London Borough of Hackney issued an enforcement notice. The tenant failed to modify the building as required. Hackney instituted proceedings against Eurorose and Mr Moscovitz. As the owner of the building, Eurorose admitted failing to comply with the enforcement notice. The proceedings against Mr Mocsovitz were withdrawn.

Mr Moscovitz had no involvement in the application for permission or the construction of the outbuilding. He has never occupied the outbuilding and has not behaved badly towards the neighbour. The description of him as a “notorious” and “rogue” landlord was unjustified. We apologise for the distress caused to him.