Jewish school boy threatened with attack ‘unless he removed his skullcap’

Leaside Road

Leaside Road - Credit: Archant

A Jewish school boy was left shaken when a bunch of teenagers allegedly threatened to beat him up unless he removed his skull cap.

The incident happened yesterday evening at 6.30pm as the 11-year old boy walked home from school in Leaside Road, Upper Clapton.

He claims the group of older boys and girls surrounded him and refused to let him pass.

The skull cap, or kippah, is a brimless cap worn by Orthodox Jews to fulfil the customary requirement that the head be covered at all times.

The child was left shaken by the incident, but was not hurt.

A spokesman for the Jewish voluntary patrol group, Shomrim, said: “The parents did not want to make a formal police report, so Shomrim have reported it as a third party report.”