Judge lifts reporting restrictions to name teenage offender from the Pembury Boys gang

Reporting restrictions preventing young criminals being named have been lifted in the case of Pembury Boys gang member - 16-year old Miles Addy - who a judge branded an “appallingly dangerous individual.”

The teenager from Pembury Close, Lower Clapton, was involved in a shootout on the Pembury Estate in Lower Clapton.

He pleaded guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court last month to possession of a firearm and ammunition with intent to endanger life.

Sentencing on Friday, the judge said had Addy been an adult, his sentence would have been 10 years longer.

“You are an appallingly dangerous individual who showed a total disregard for the lives of people who live on the estate, your behaviour was outrageous,” he said.

Pembury Estate residents called emergency services on Tuesday January 31 after hearing gunfire, and saw a youth frantically trying to gain access to Pembury Close immediately.

Officers from the Trident North East Shootings Team found 12 bullet casings and several damaged vehicles, as well as a stray bullet which had smashed a window and lodged in the bedroom wall of a nearby property.

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CCTV footage revealed a “shoot out” had occurred between a lone male - later identified as Addy - and two youths on bikes.

A manhunt was launched and Addy was eventually tracked down to Ipswich.

“Violent gangs are the scourge of estates in London,” said the judge on Friday.

“Provocation is an unacceptable submission, you engaged in appalling violence and a dangerous shoot out.

“You had a self loading pistol, fired with a view to kill, previous convictions taken into account your culpability is extremely high and the sentence must be a deterrent.

“The sentence I will pass is one of 8 years for each offence to run concurrent. You will serve 4 years and 4yrs on licence”.

Trident’s DC Amy Trencher said: “Our experience and research shows that gang members often think they will get status, protection, a sense of identity and financial gain - they are wrong.

“The reality is that the gang member is more likely to be injured or imprisoned.”

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